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We offer an international EMF Referral Service beginning with Phone/Skype Consultations and then moving on to On-Site EMF Survey services for homes, schools, and businesses world-wide.

EMF Consultations, Surveys and Products
Making the World an Electromagnetic Safer Place, One Habitat at a Time!

EMF Consultations

Electromagnetic Safe Planet offers consultations to help you develop the strategies necessary to protect yourself from the increasing levels of electropollution in our environments. Learn more.

EMF Surveys

Electromagnetic Safe Planet offers home inspection services for your home, office, or school — with solutions, remediations, and products to keep your environment safe from EMFs. Learn more.

EMF Products

Shop our online EMF Store for all your products needs to help project you from EMFs.  Learn more.
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Customer Testimonials
“Soon after a move, we asked Paul to do an electromagnetic survey of the new house. We set a date, and Paul arrived with a variety of tools. He moved through the house, as well as outside, in an orderly manner, and the results were surprising: highly elevated levels of radio frequency/microwave radiation throughout much of the house, as well as high levels of electric fields. He produced a very clear report with detailed recommendations for mitigating these problems and their attendant health risks. The safety and health of my family, including our animals, is of paramount concern to me. We are grateful to Paul for his help and knowledge, and his willingness to tackle a problem that is denied and hushed up by corporate and government actors.”

– Christopher Roland
Electromagnetic Safe Planet Client