Helping you go from…

…this                                                 …to this

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…this                                                   …to this

unhealthyRBCcells healthyRBCs

Unhealthy Red Blood Cells                                          Healthy Red Blood Cells

World-Wide Telephone and Skype Consultations

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Guidance and Advice provided on the following:
  • Reducing all kinds of EMF levels (radiofrequency, electric, magnetic, dirty, body voltage) in your home or workplace by (1) shielding, (2) correcting wiring errors,  (3) adding filters, and/or (4) earthing/grounding.
  • Protecting yourself from EMFs in your environment.
  • Using EMF metering devices.
  • Grounding yourself and reducing body voltage.
  • Nutrition and diet to help protect yourself from EMF exposure (i.e. a radio-protective diet).
  • Educating and negotiating with neighbors, colleagues, and school officials on the EMF issue.

Fee: First 10 minutes free. After that, $2 per minute (minimum 30 min) consultation.

Electromagnetic Safe Planet
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 316-5065

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