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World-Wide Telephone and Skype Consultations

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Guidance and Advice provided on the following:
  • Reducing all kinds of EMF levels (radiofrequency, electric, magnetic, dirty, body voltage) in your home or workplace by (1) shielding, (2) correcting wiring errors,  (3) adding filters, and/or (4) earthing/grounding.
  • Protecting yourself from EMFs in your environment.
  • Using EMF metering devices.
  • Grounding yourself and reducing body voltage.
  • Nutrition and diet to help protect yourself from EMF exposure (i.e. a radio-protective diet).
  • Educating and negotiating with neighbors, colleagues, and school officials on the EMF issue.

Fee: First 10 minutes free. After that, $2 per minute (minimum 30 min) consultation.

Electromagnetic Safe Planet
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 316-5065



“I was in the process looking for a home and found a potential house that met most of our criteria. Somewhat familiar with electronic smog and interference we brought a simple scanner to assess the house. The readings suggested some interference but we wanted to get a professional opinion. In less then 48 hours Paul was on site with a variety of equipment. After 3 + hours he delivered a comprehensive report that did show electronic interference. He provided recommendations and services he could do to shield the house but also gave guidance that the area we were looking had a higher than normal concentration of cell towers. His knowledge, customer service, speed, and expertise come highly recommended.”

– Matt Sanders

“Soon after a move, we asked Paul to do an electromagnetic survey of the new house. We set a date, and Paul arrived with a variety of tools. He moved through the house, as well as outside, in an orderly manner, and the results were surprising: highly elevated levels of radio frequency/microwave radiation throughout much of the house, as well as high levels of electric fields. He produced a very clear report with detailed recommendations for mitigating these problems and their attendant health risks. The safety and health of my family, including our animals, is of paramount concern to me. We are grateful to Paul for his help and knowledge, and his willingness to tackle a problem that is denied and hushed up by corporate and government actors.”
– Christopher Rowland

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