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We are all now being exposed on a daily basis to levels of electromagnetic radiation that are one quadrillion (or 1015) to one quintillion (or 1018) times we would usually get from natural background levels (from the Earth, the Sun, the stars, etc.). The fact that medical doctors use EEGs and EKGs to measure the electrical activity of the brain and heart respectively, should make any skeptic with an inkling of critical-thinking skills consider the possibility that we are all electrical beings who will naturally be affected by all this electromagnetic activity in our environments.

Overexposures to electromagnetic radiation have been shown in numerous research studies, not to mention increasingly large numbers of anecdotal accounts, to produce the following symptoms:

• Headaches   • Brain Fog   • Memory Problems   • Vision Problems   • Muscle Aches   • Heart Pain & Palpitations   • Intestinal Disturbances   • Extreme Fatigue   • Insomnia   • Anxiety   • Irritability   • Depression   • Extreme Thirst   • Dry Itchy Eyes   • Night Sweats   • Tremors   • Hair Loss   • Increased Allergies   • Dry Itchy Skin

World-Wide Telephone and Skype Consultations

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Guidance and Advice provided on the following:
  • Reducing all kinds of EMF levels (radiofrequency, electric, magnetic, dirty, body voltage) in your home or workplace by (1) shielding, (2) correcting wiring errors,  (3) adding filters, and/or (4) earthing/grounding.
  • Protecting yourself from EMFs in your environment.
  • Using EMF metering devices.
  • Grounding yourself and reducing body voltage.
  • Nutrition and diet to help protect yourself from EMF exposure (i.e. a radio-protective diet).
  • Educating and negotiating with neighbors, colleagues, and school officials on the EMF issue.

Fee: First 30 minutes free. After that, $2 per minute (minimum 30 min) consultation.

Electromagnetic Safe Planet
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 316-5065



“Soon after a move, we asked Paul to do an electromagnetic survey of the new house. We set a date, and Paul arrived with a variety of tools. He moved through the house, as well as outside, in an orderly manner, and the results were surprising: highly elevated levels of radio frequency/microwave radiation throughout much of the house, as well as high levels of electric fields. He produced a very clear report with detailed recommendations for mitigating these problems and their attendant health risks. The safety and health of my family, including our animals, is of paramount concern to me. We are grateful to Paul for his help and knowledge, and his willingness to tackle a problem that is denied and hushed up by corporate and government actors.”

– Christopher Roland

“I was fortunate to find Mr. Paul Doyon when I needed a Building Biology Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) to help me find a home with low levels of EMFs. Within 24 hours he came out and took a variety of EMF measurements on a number of possible rentals I was looking at. I found Mr. Doyon to be extremely knowledgeable about electromagnetic fields and he was able to provide me with measurements, analysis, and clear explanations for 1. wireless radiation, 2. dirty electricity, 3. magnetic fields, 4. electric fields, and 5. body voltage. Mr. Doyon took the time to explain the ins-and-outs of the different kinds of EMFs and also provided me with a report of the survey within 48 hours. Thanks to Mr. Doyon’s expert help I was able to find a healthy home with a low-EMF environment. I would highly recommend his services to anyone serious about addressing this issue for their health.”

– Becca


“I was in the process looking for a home and found a potential house that met most of our criteria. Somewhat familiar with electronic smog and interference we brought a simple scanner to assess the house. The readings suggested some interference but we wanted to get a professional opinion. In less then 48 hours Paul was on site with a variety of equipment. After 3 + hours he delivered a comprehensive report that did show electronic interference. He provided recommendations and services he could do to shield the house but also gave guidance that the area we were looking had a higher than normal concentration of cell towers. His knowledge, customer service, speed, and expertise come highly recommended.”

– Matt Sanders

I was concerned about the cell towers on top of my child’s charter school in Santa Cruz, California and called Paul Doyon.  He responded right away and set up a time to meet.  He was professional and prompt.  After taking careful readings at my child’s school, he sent me the results that evening with interpretations and suggestions.  I can highly recommend Paul!  I will be contacting him to come evaluate our home as well! 

– Estelle Jackson

Paul has been helpful and responsive during our property search. He has presented the information in a way that we can understand and keeps it as technical or as practical as we want it. He also meets us where we are rather than try to convert us to being more or less concerned about specific issues. He’s able to make distinctions for us between changes and corrections that we can make as owners or renters and those we can’t, and he can give a quick idea as to how complicated or not those corrections would potentially be. He can talk in big-picture or specifics for us. He’s willing to elaborate or keep it concise depending on what we ask for. All of these kinds of things come into play when looking at properties with busy lives in a fast-moving market, and we, and our agent, are happy to have him on the “team”. 

– PM


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