The Vienna Doctors Chamber’s Rules for Cell Phone Use

The Vienna Doctors Chamber’s Rules for Cell Phone Use

• Cell phone calls should be as few and as brief as possible. Children and teenagers under 16 should not use cell phones.

• Cell phones should not be held near the head while making and receiving calls.

• Cell phones should not be used in vehicles (cars, buses, trains) – the radiation there is higher!

• When sending text messages the cell phone should be held as far away from the body as possible!

• A caller should position herself several meters away from other people – the radiation is harmful to them as well!

• Never use a cell phone to play games!

• Headphones (earplugs) may also be unsafe – the wire may attract radiation!

• Wireless Networks (WiFi, WiMax, etc.) produce high amounts of radiation!

• Always switch your cell phone off at night and never keep it near your head while sleeping.

• Never keep your cell phone in your front pocket – the radiation can affect male fertility.

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