The Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on the Human Body

The Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on the Human Body

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MAT (TESOL), MA Advancd Japanese Studies, BA Psychology 
“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”
Dr. Toshihiko Yayama is probably the most famous alternative medicine practitioner in Japan. His help was extremely crucial for my recovery from what has been inapropriately and misleadingly dubbed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States. When I first went to see him he used a bioresonance machine he invented called Zero Search to diganose my condition. He was able to tell in two minutes what blood tests at Kyushu University Hospital took over a week to determine: that I had high teters of a number of viruses (Epsten Barr, Cytomegalio, and other herpes viruses), mycoplasma infection(s), systemic candida, mold, toxoplasmosa, and so on attacking my system. He was also able to tell me that I had high amounts of lead, mercury, and aluminum in my system, and that my body was being stressed by electromagnetic radiation. After being treated by him for a number of months while I lived up in an EMR-free environment in the mountains of Saga Prefecture, I was announced cured of my disease. 
His clinic/hospital is located just outside the city of Saga in Saga Prefecture and is made of all natural materials. Also burried under the clinic is a lot of charcoal to absorb unnatural electromagnetic radiation. The food served there is similar to macrobiotic but called Kasaneni Cooking, which he says gives off more Ki energy. He has a number of dentists working in his hospital since he sees problems with the teeth as affecting the whole body, and he is actually the doctor who discovered that the teeth were actually acupuncture points connected to the meridians of the body. All his patients also practice Qi Gong (or Kiko as it is called in Japanese) with classes held at the clinic several times a day. 
I went to see him this past July while visiting Japan and he mentioned the coming health crisis and the fact that he has been finding most people depleted in Serotonin, which he said affected the ability to properly do an O-Ring Test with them. 
He gave me a copy of the latest issue of Holotropic Magazine in which he wrote the following article, which I took the liberty of translating into English from Japanese.
Paul Doyon
The Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on the Human Body
By Yayama Toshihiko, M.D.

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about what effect electromagnetic radiation (EMR) has on the human body. People who rely on the television or the newspaper for their main source of  information or for those who have little interest in health issues may have a difficult time even imagining that EMR is hazardous. However, twice-nominated for the Nobel Prize in Science, Dr. Robert O. Becker, has stated emphatically that “all forms of man-made electromagnetic radiation, regardless of their specific frequencies are hazardous.”

The reasons stated for this are they 

(1) adversely affect developing cells, 
(2) promote the growth of cancer cells, 
(3) act as a carcinogen, 
(4) cause disorders in developing fetuses, 
(5) disruptbrain hormones, 
(6) influence suicides/abnormal behavior, 
(7) interrupt physical cycles (stress response) and weaken immune function, and 
(8) deteriorate academic ability. (Robert O. Becker, Cross Currents)

Even after stating the above, the argument has been raised that there must be no problems with cellular telephones since, after all, everyone seems to be using one. But is there really no problem? Personally, I cannot even put and use one of these devices next to my head. Once, when a friend of mine was talking on his cell phone and handed it to me to use, I immediately noticed that I couldn’t breath  smoothly. Then I noticed that I felt a strange throbbing dull pain on the side of my head where I was holding the phone. After approximately two minutes I felt so sick that I couldn’t even continue the  conversation. The strange feeling in my head lasted until the following day. Since that time, I have used a headset when having to make a cell-phone call and make it a point to keep the call as brief as possible.

Once when I was in Tokyo and had to ride the train, I noticed a number of people around me starting to send messages on their cell phones. As they did this, I also noticed that it was interrupting the flow of Ki  in my body and I started to feel very uncomfortable. At that moment, I concentrated on preserving the flow of Ki and tried as much as possible not to be negatively influenced. Since the majority of people reading this article are probably interested in Qi Gong or mediation,  the question begging to be asked here is “Do you really feel nothing when you put a cell phone up to your head?” If that is indeed the case, then you are either a person possessing large amounts of super-powerful Ki or you are a person, on the other hand, who has yet to develop a sensitivity to Ki energy.

Once after reading a study asserting that cell phones had no negative effect on the brain, I was ready to flip over backwards in shocking  disbelief. The author was a professor in the engineering department at a well-known Japanese national university. The experiment consisted of a comparison between two groups of rats trained to run through a maze. One  group was exposed to the amount of radiation given off by a cell phone while the other group was not. The result was that there was no difference in the ability of either group to get through the maze. While one wants to say to the rats, “Sorry for putting you guys through so much trouble,” we should really wonder about the kind of mental ability that concludes that just because there was no effect on the rats’ mental abilities [to make it through a maze] that it would be the same with humans.

It is common knowledge that exposing the delicate electronic circuitry of a computer to EMR can make it malfunction while doing the same with a calculator would probably not cause a problem. So it is the same  thing as concluding that if there are no negative effects with a calculator that it would be the same with a computer. As an alternative to the above-mentioned experiment, it would be much better to strap a cell phone firmly to someone’s head and leave it on the  talk mode for a determined period of time. How many hours would one be able to bear such an ordeal? I would really like to know – and I am not joking about this either. We will never know for sure unless we conduct an experiment using a human-being’s brain to determine if cell  phones really do indeed have a detrimental effect.

The plan for this experiment could go as follows:  Divide, for example, ten members of the Self-Defense Forces into two groups without informing them to which group they belong and strap cell  phones firmly to all members’ heads. The first group would have the cell phones turned on but set to not make any sounds while the second groups’ cell phones would be turned off as to not to emit any radiation. By doing this, the members would not be able to tell with any of their five senses whether or not their cell phones were giving off radiation or not. In other words, this would be a double-blind test. The experiment would continue for several weeks with physical  examinations conducted every week measuring stress levels in the blood and brain waves, DNA damage, level of singlet oxygen in the blood, the level of increase in stress hormones, and brain function with an MRI machine. The subjects would also be given subjective questionnaires, etc. in order to cover multiple angles and arrive at a conclusion that would leave no room for argument. Moreover, I would like to see this  experiment done by “neutral” researchers – and not the kind of research with strings attached and sponsored by corporations.

Everyone should be given the information as to what kind of risk is involved and how to protect themselves from EMR exposure. Here I would  like to introduce a small section from Funase Shunsuke’s book:

• 30,000 US dollars should be paid out to anyone who develops a brain
tumor from using a cell phone.
• Your beloved cell phone may very well indeed be causing throbbing
sensations, dizziness, and insomnia.
• The microwaves from cell phones break apart DNA.
• Induction Heater (IH) cooking devices give off astronomical amounts of EMR.
• The induction heater is a horrible cancer producing device which increases one’s chances of cancer by 24 times.
• 90% of frogs’ hearts stop when exposed to EMR.
• Cell phone radiation opens up the Brood Brain Barrier (BBB).
• EMR exposure can increase breast cancer risks in both men and women five to six times.
• EMR exposure causes a sharp decrease in cancer-suppressing melatonin.
• Cell phone radiation exposure doubles the risk of cancer in rats.

The above is just a small example of shocking information packed into Funase’s book, which is highly convincing since it is also supported with  evidence collected from world-wide research projects.

Now that you have received some knowledge and are satisfied intellectually, the next step is for you to measure EMR yourself. However, when told “there is no problem because the government has  determined levels as safe,” the tendency of most obedient Japanese is to retract. In this case, if one can measure the strength of the EMR emitted then one should also be able to make their own judgments. 

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce an excellent EMR measuring device: the tri-field meter can be used here to measure electric, magnetic, and microwave radiation. Dr. Becker has designated one mG (milligauss)  as a safe limit and has warned that if the inside of one’s house exceeds ten milligauss one had better move. Having said that, the theft-prevention gates in libraries have been found to give off strong electrical fields of up to approximately 6000 mG demonstrating in fact  just how dangerous our world has really become.

Another useful method for measuring EMR levels without the use of an EMR meter is called the Breath Measure Technique (kokyuu mejaa), and introduced in previous issues of this magazine. In summary, when the  body receives information, in whatever form, if that information is agreeable, then one’s breathing will become easier with the breath moving effortlessly down to the bottom of one’s abdomen. On the other  hand, if that information is disagreeable with or unfit for the body, then one’s breathing will become blocked and one will have difficulty inhaling deeply. It is one physiological reflex that one can use.

While present clinical medicine focuses on infection as the crux of the problem, it fails for the most part to take into account metal toxicity, electromagnetic radiation, and chemical harm as part of the cause of illnesses. This has to do in part with the fact that normal  blood tests and x-ray picture examinations fail to measure these other factors. In response to this problem, the use of a new diagnostic device called “Zero Search” which uses bio-resonance (hado ) to detect and measure the causes of disease, illnesses can thus be cured by then clearing the body of these causes and stimulating the body’s own healing powers. Moreover, by reducing stress with the practice of Qi  Gong, one can elevate one’s state of health to even higher levels.

Yayama Toshihiko, M.D. graduated from the Medical School of Kyushu University in 1980. He was Director of Surgery and Head of the Eastern  Medicine Department at Saga Prefectural Hospital until November of 2001. In December of 2001 he opened the Yayama Clinic. He developed the Zero Search Meridian Energy Diagnostic Measuring Device and practices   Integrative Medicine under the perspective of Ki using Chinese Herbs, Acupuncture, and Alternative Medicine.

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