Earthing is one thing people can do to 1. reduce (unnatural man-made induced) body voltage, and 2. absorb the Earth’s healing frequency, 7.83 Hz, known as the Schumann frequency or pulse. One can do this by going outside and standing barefoot on the grass or ground and absorbing the healing energies from the Earth. Also, sells all kinds of products from grounding sheets to pads to put under your computer to even yoga mats. You can either plug these into the ground in an outlet (but it needs to be tested first) or run a wire outside to a metal stake hammered into the ground. Some people report amazingly positive effects from doing this while others have the opposite experience. It probably depends on whether you have, what are known as, ground currents running under the ground where you live and/or how sensitive you are to these. A simple thing I do to test whether or not something is good or bad for me is to do a trick Dr. Toshihiko Yayama, of Yamato, Japan taught me called the “Breath Measure.” This is similar to what is known as muscle testing or kinesiology where people test things depending on whether or not it makes their muscles stronger or weaker. However, in this case, one can test things on whether or not it makes your breathing deeper or shallower. If it makes your breathing deeper, it is good for you; if it makes your breathing shallower, it is bad for you. So when you touch the earthing sheet, pad, or mat, does your breathing become deeper or shallower? It is a simple way to find out for yourself whether it is good for you or not — and not have to rely on some of these self-proclaimed “EMF Gurus” to tell you what to do.

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