There are a number of pendants out there claiming to solve the problem of EMF exposure: “If you wear this pendant or put this sticker on your phone, problem solved.” Well, while it might make you feel better due to some action we don’t quite understand and/or the placebo effect, it still is not going to stop the fact that the EMFs are indeed destroying live on this planet: There are plenty of studies showing that insects (esp. the bees), birds, and amphibians (esp. frogs) are indeed being sickened and killed by this technology.

Having said that, I personally have tried some of these pendants and have noticed drastic effects from some of them. So… we can think of it as a bandaid to be used judiciously while keeping in mind that the real solution lies in reducing EMF exposures and not pretending that a chip or a pendant is the answer.

Also, now there are a number of PEMF machines which take the Schumann Frequency harmonics and use them for healing with lots of positive results. It is another thing we can use to keep ourselves healthy in an ever-increasingly toxic world.

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