There are a number of therapies out there that can help people reduce their sensitivity to EMFs.

One major one is chelation therapy to get the heavy metals (e.g. mercury, lead, aluminum, etc.) out of one’s system. Usually, if someone has a lot of heavy metal toxicity (from vaccines, amalgam fillings, eating contaminated seafood like tuna, etc.), then it can make their body act as an antenna (or more of an antenna) attracting these frequencies, and thus making one more sensitive than his/her counterparts to electromagnetic fields. There are subtle to stronger forms of agents that can draw metals from the body, from herbs like cilantro and algae like chlorella to man-made chemical agents like EDTA-calcium. Dr. Yayama in Japan has a Chinese medicine formula he developed which he call metoru (metal) because it is designed to get the heavy metals out of one’s system. I personally drank it for two months while living in a “white zone” before moving on to the EDTA-calcium, which I did once a week for ten weeks. It helped tremendously. (According to conversation I had with Dr. George Carlo over the phone a number of years ago, one must be out of the electrosmog for approximately eight weeks before they can be ready to do the heavy duty chelation process.)

Other therapies that work well for this kind of problem are 1. Chinese herbal medicines, 2. acupuncture, and 3. homeopathy.

There are also now a number of “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy” (PEMF) modalities useful for Electrosensitivity (ES) or Electrohypersensitivity (EHS). One popular device is known as the BEMER. I have personally tried it a few times and I was able to notice that I not only felt better but that I also felt like I had a better sense of the Qi moving through my body. (See the following by Dr. Havas on PEMF devices:

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