Hi, My name is Paul Doyon and I am the CEO and founder of two enterprises — EMF Refugee and  Electromagnetic Safe Planet  (ESP) — and the founder of the NGO/NPO EMF REFUGEE: THE INTERNATIONAL COALITION FOR AN ELECTROMAGNETIC SAFE PLANET (IC-ESP).

I am certified as a Building Biology Practitioner (BBP) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) with the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Doyon.Photo.2011 copyI have been working for approximately the last twelve years to educate people and raise awareness with regards to the adverse health effects induced by exposures to man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from both electrical appliances & electrical wiring (power frequency) and from wireless devices & cell phone base stations (radio frequency [RF]).

I started a Yahoo Group in 2006 called EMF Refugee and a blog called The Microwave Factor after I became extremely ill in 2005 living in the vicinity of several cell phone towers/base stations while residing in Japan and had became an EMF Refugee myself. At that time, I coined the term, EMF Refugee, as I had to become one myself fleeing an area with high levels of RF EMR surrounded by cell phone towers.

I recently (three years ago) moved back to the United States after living abroad for 25 years in a total of six different foreign countries — Japan, Australia, China, India, Thailand, and Chile — where I taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) at the university level. 

While I would say that, given my many years of experience, I am an extremely seasoned and adept EFL/ESL professional, I am now in the process of making the transition into the EMF consultation and remediation field.

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