Why Hire A Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist?

Because Electromagnetic Radiation Can Make you Sick!

Typical home full of EMF Pollution.

We are all now being exposed on a daily basis to levels of electromagnetic radiation that are one quadrillion (or 1015) to one quintillion (or 1018) times we would usually get from natural background levels (from the Earth, the Sun, the stars, etc.). The fact that medical doctors use EEGs and EKGs to measure the electrical activity of the brain and heart respectively, should make any skeptic with an inkling of critical-thinking skills consider the possibility that we are all electrical beings who will naturally be affected by all this electromagnetic activity in our environments.

Healthy home free of EMF poullution.

Unhealthy Red Blood Cells

Overexposures to electromagnetic radiation have been shown in numerous research studies, not to mention increasingly large numbers of anecdotal accounts, to produce the following symptoms:

• Headaches • Brain Fog • Memory Problems • Vision Problems • Muscle Aches • Heart Pain & Palpitations • Intestinal Disturbances • Extreme Fatigue • Insomnia • Anxiety • Irritability • Depression • Extreme Thirst • Dry Itchy Eyes • Night Sweats • Tremors • Hair Loss • Increased Allergies • Dry Itchy Skin

Healthy Red Blood Cells