Client Testimonials
“I was in the process looking for a home and found a potential house that met most of our criteria. Somewhat familiar with electronic smog and interference we brought a simple scanner to assess the house. The readings suggested some interference but we wanted to get a professional opinion. In less then 48 hours Paul was on site with a variety of equipment. After 3 + hours he delivered a comprehensive report that did show electronic interference. He provided recommendations and services he could do to shield the house but also gave guidance that the area we were looking had a higher than normal concentration of cell towers. His knowledge, customer service, speed, and expertise come highly recommended.” - Matt Saunders, San Luis Obispo, CA (2/12/17)

“I was fortunate to find Mr. Paul Doyon when I needed a Building Biology Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) to help me find a home with low levels of EMFs. Within 24 hours he came out and took a variety of EMF measurements on a number of possible rentals I was looking at. I found Mr. Doyon to be extremely knowledgeable about electromagnetic fields and he was able to provide me with measurements, analysis, and clear explanations for 1. wireless radiation, 2. dirty electricity, 3. magnetic fields, 4. electric fields, and 5. body voltage. Mr. Doyon took the time to explain the ins-and-outs of the different kinds of EMFs and also provided me with a report of the survey within 48 hours. Thanks to Mr. Doyon’s expert help I was able to find a healthy home with a low-EMF environment. I would highly recommend his services to anyone serious about addressing this issue for their health.” - Becca, Felton, CA (6/3/17)

“I was concerned about the cell towers on top of my child’s charter school in Santa Cruz, California and called Paul Doyon. He responded right away and set up a time to meet. He was professional and prompt. After taking careful readings at my child’s school, he sent me the results that evening with interpretations and suggestions. I can highly recommend Paul! I will be contacting him to come evaluate our home as well!” - Estelle Jackson, Santa Cruz, CA (6/8/17)

“Paul has been helpful and responsive during our property search. He has presented the information in a way that we can understand and keeps it as technical or as practical as we want it. He also meets us where we are rather than try to convert us to being more or less concerned about specific issues. He’s able to make distinctions for us between changes and corrections that we can make as owners or renters and those we can’t, and he can give a quick idea as to how complicated or not those corrections would potentially be. He can talk in big-picture or specifics for us. He’s willing to elaborate or keep it concise depending on what we ask for. All of these kinds of things come into play when looking at properties with busy lives in a fast-moving market, and we, and our agent, are happy to have him on the team.” - PM, San Mateo, CA (6/13/17)

“My family was concerned about possible EMF and RF issues at a residence we were serious about moving into. After much research, my family found Paul. It was important we had someone who was certified by the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology and Paul had the experience and certifications we were looking for. After an extensive and thorough evaluation, Paul provided the readings and recommendations we needed to make an informed decision on the residence. Paul was very professional and knowledgeable and was able to provide definitive readings on our prospective home. We greatly appreciate everything he did for us and would definitely recommend and work with him again.” - M & J, San Mateo, CA (8/12/17)

“Paul Doyon was quick to respond to our inquiry, professional, knowledgeable, and kind. He helped us navigate the available options to change our living space into a safer environment. He offers a free 30-minute phone consultation, and made this difficult-to-understand information more accessible to us. I highly recommend Paul; he is someone who is genuinely trying to help people. Thank you!” - The Daellenbach Family, Corralitos, CA (9/25/17)

Permaculture Farmers

“I recommend Paul Doyon for his expertise and understanding of EMF’s. He came to my apartment and pointed out problem areas and offered helpful solutions to alleviate my suffering from the affects of many things I didn’t know about. I can’t thank him enough!”
- Arthur Saftlas, Greenbrae, CA (1/14/18)

“We contacted Paul regarding our new home construction here in Santa Cruz CA. Paul responded promptly, inquiring about our needs. He also shared general information on EMF mitigation. Paul met us on site with monitoring equipment and further educated us on the subject. He had a great deal of knowledge and what questions he could not answer, he answered in depth via correspondence over the next couple of days. I was impressed with not only the amount of information that he provided but the other people working in the field that he has as a resource to draw on. I really felt Paul had a sincere desire to create the healthiest environment possible for us.I would recommend Paul Doyon if you require info or services regarding EMF related issues.”
- Christopher Bianco, Santa Cruz, CA (2/1/18)

“Having Paul survey the radio frequencies, magnetic fields, and dirty electricity of our home was a fantastic investment! I knew that EMF’s were affecting my family’s health but didn’t know where to invest time or money to create a noticeable difference. We were also having trouble changing our technology habits without a better understanding of which forces were affecting us the most and where. How bad is bluetooth? How bad is a router compared to a cell phone? Was our solar and electrical system producing clean or dirty energy? Within an hour and a half, Paul directed me to the exact locations of concern and in what priority, at what distance, and suggestions for how to immediately lower our exposure. He also measured whether products I had previously purchased worked — and they did NOTHING and were SCAMS! We had been considering re-arranging our household, purchasing more products, and he really helped us prevent a LOT of wasted time and money. THIS WAS MONEY WELL SPENT. We made immediate changes and are already feeling better!” - Deb Voisin, Bonny Doon, CA (2/12/18)

“We cannot thank Paul enough for his help and expertise. We are very aware of EMF issues and were buying a house near some big power lines. This house is our ‘Dream House’ except for those pesky power lines. Clearly not worth getting cancer over! We purchased a $150 Tri-field meter and went and checked out the house. The numbers were right near the danger zone. So we had Paul come out. Paul has a magnetic field meter made by the same company, but a much better unit. We immediately saw that our unit was reading twice as high as his! Paul did an extremely thorough evaluation and thank goodness the magnetic fields were not a problem but he did find a few other things that we really do want to change. Not only did Paul find the problems and show them to us but gave us real solutions to these problems. Thank you so much Paul for your help and we absolutely recommend him to anyone wanting to know more about your situation and what to do about it.” - Dr. Russ Rosen, Discovery Bay, CA (3/5/18)

“What a find!! Geobiologist Paul Doyon, within one hour, resolved a good year of frustration and challenge to have the confidence to measure body voltage correctly. He is a wealth of information about the toxic effects of electromagnetic fields/health and shares it in an easy to understand manner. A million thanks Paul!”
- Mona Oyos, Royal Oaks, CA (4/12/18)

My wife and I noticed we were both tired and irritable much of the time. We attributed this to a busy lifestyle until I read something about EMF’s causing ‘flu like symptoms’. I found Paul on the Internet and what a find. He is knowledgeable and trustworthy. He spent time with me on the phone giving me tips on what would make the biggest impact and confirmed my concerns that EMF may be causing these symptoms. Paul was respectful, engaging,and very helpful. My time spent with Paul on the phone consult was very well worth it as it started us down a path of reducing our EMF’s. I can report that after turning off our WiFi and replacing our cordless with a corded phone, the symptoms went away and both my wife and I felt much better. Thank you Paul. You are a valuable resource.” 
- Mark Makinney, Arroyo Grande, CA (6/12/18)

Professional Colleague Testimonials
“I have known Paul for a long time, and already at the start of our friendship and collaboration he proved himself to be a very good scientist. His hallmarks are the ones you would expect in such a person: accuracy, brilliance, ingenuity, curiosity, reflective power, humility, and a great interest to help persons in need as well as to understand the whole clockwork. It has been a true delight to work side-by-side with him.” - Olle Johansson, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

“Paul Doyon is one of the most relentless pioneers in the international struggle against the medical effects of electromagnetic fields. His work as creator and founder of EMF Refugee at some ten years ago, has been decisive for millions of human beings around the planet. Were it not for Paul, the level of international consciousness that has been reached concerning this genocide, would have never been reached. My friend Paul has a privileged and incisive mind that places him well above 99.99% of all the medical doctors I know. He has an exquisite set of mental structures that allows him to publish international quality MEDICAL DOCUMENTS and shift immediately to a compassionate and humane manifesto where decency and integrity are the guiding principles. It is the beauty of his actions what really convinces me that he is a true extraordinary being, like no other I have met in my life.” - Carlos Sosa, M.D.

Medical Doctor, Medellin, Columbia

“For the past 15 years, I have warned my patients at about electrical pollution because I consider electrical pollution to be the plague of the 21st century. Like most conveniences, electricity comes with a hidden cost but the prices we pay are subtle at first so that people frequently don’t attribute their ailments to electrical toxicity. The scientific research which our government offers to negate our concerns about electrical pollution is suspect at best and increasingly, and thanks to people like Paul Doyon and his heroic EMF refugee efforts, the truth is coming out.For example, did you know that more than 10 years ago, your cell phone manufacturer had instructed you never to have you smart phone on and closer to you than 5.8th of an inch? Miss that, did you? In this life of ours there are three kinds of people as regards the process of paradigm shifting: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. Paul Doyon is one of those people who makes things happen.” - Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.

Medical Doctor, Whidbey Island, Washington State

“I have known Paul Doyon for many years, and have had him stay at my home as a special guest. He is the best kind of person you will ever meet. The information and advice that he provides is second to none, and you always know that you are dealing with someone with a very unusual combination of having both high integrity and great intelligence, simultaneously – and someone who has taken the time and trouble to make sure he is well informed. Any service provided by Paul is something you will automatically know you can have confidence in. He is a great researcher. He speaks with authority and offers the best advice, because he has done the groundwork first. Not surprisingly, he has come to earn the trust and confidence of many discerning people. He champions great causes, and, most importantly, he approaches them with a fine ability to sift the golden advice and helpful tips from what is irrelevant or unhelpful. He has a fine eye to help guide people to the information and services that would be genuinely helpful in their lives.” - Simon Rees, N.D.

Naturopathic/Homeopathic Doctor, Phoenix Healing Centre