Referrals: EMF Consultations – Telephone and/or Skype 

Guidance and Advice provided on the following:

1. How to reduce the four main types of EMF levels (radio frequency [RF], magnetic, electric, and dirty electricity [DE]) in your home or workplace by:
– Eliminating internal sources of RF (WiFi, cordless phones, cell phones, iPads, Bluetooth, etc.)
– Shielding your home from external sources of RF using RF-blocking paints, curtains, window film, and canopies
– correcting possible wiring errors
– Grounding your computer and other appliances
– installing DE filters
2. How to use EMF metering devices
3. How to reduce your body voltage
4. Nutrition and diet to help protect yourself from EMF exposure (i.e. the Radio-Protective Diet™).
5. Educating and negotiating with neighbors, colleagues, and school officials on the EMF issue.


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