I am presently not accepting clients and am referring people to other Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists. Please email me. emsafeplanet@gmail.com

Finding A Building Biologist

I am a certified Building Biology Practitioner (BBP) and certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS). Your location may not be convenient for me to travel to, your needs may be beyond what I am able to offer you, or you may prefer to work with someone else. I can introduce you to other certified Building Biologists, Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists (EMRS), and also medical and legal professionals. Just schedule your free 30-minute consultation. Or you can go to the website of the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology and their list of Certified Building Biologists. I am interested in helping and educating people and moving this issue forward. I am happy to help.

My fellow Building Biology cohorts, mentors, and teachers from the IBE 312 Seminar, Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation, at the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Dec. 2016).