Paul’s EMF Refugee Story

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Paul Doyon, Building Biology Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS),

speaking to you from a “normal” wired pay phone in Upper Lake, CA

A New Job at Kyushu University

In August of 2004, I received word that I would be hired as an Associate Professor at Kyushu University, one of Japan’s top universities. I was 42 years old and my future was bright. I had at the time been living in Japan for approximately 15 years and had earned MA’s in Teaching (TESOL) and Advanced Japanese Studies, not to mention my BA in Psychology before coming to Japan 15 years earlier. I was fluent in Japanese and had numerous publications under my belt. My future looked bright and if I had continued on that trajectory I would have certainly earned my Ph.D. or Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics and would be now a tenured professor at one of Japan’s numerous universities. Things did not, however, work out that way.


Shortly after moving into our Fukuoka apartment

Starting to Get Sick

In and around March of 2005 I started to develop a host of symptoms and I was extremely sick for six months before I was even aware — let alone even imagined — that the two cell towers within about 200 meters (and another about 500 meters away) from my apartment and perhaps the WiFi from my neighbors’ apartments bleeding into mine might have had something to do with the host of symptoms — insomnia, anxiety attacks, loss of appetite, rapid weight loss, excessive thirst, swollen lymph nodes, intestinal disturbances, increased sensitivities, weakened immune system, dry and irritated eyes, etc. — I was experiencing at the time. I had been eating a healthy diet consisting of mainly organic fruits and vegetables, brown rice, tofu, healthy meats, lots of Japanese tea, and was doing yoga every morning, and going to the gym three or four times a week. I was doing everything one is supposed to do to stay healthy and was quite perplexed as to why I was getting sick.


Kyushu University, Ropponmatsu Campus

Six months earlier, in November of 2004, I had started my new job as an Associate Professor at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan and had moved into their staff housing also in the city of Fukuoka with my wife and son (both who also experienced health complaints, though not as severe as mine).

Screenshot 2017-04-05 21.04.09

I started to wake up earlier and earlier until I got to the point where I could not sleep anymore. I developed extreme thirst: I remember that I would go to the vending machine at the university during breaks and between classes to guzzle several bottles of water or oolong tea. I developed very bad skin allergies. My eyes became extremely red and irritated. My lymph nodes started to become swollen and painful. I was experiencing extreme fatigue. Most of the time I felt nauseated. I was getting heart pain and palpitations. I would wake up in the middle of the night dripping in sweat. I had intestinal disturbances. I needed to go to the bathroom several times a night. I started to develop brain fog and forgetfulness. I also started to experience anxiety attacks with things that never bothered me before like getting on the elevator, being left alone, driving through a tunnel, etc.  Furthermore,  I lost my appetite and I dropped about 20 kilograms (about 44 pounds) in a month.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I started googling my symptoms and finally concluded that I had been experiencing what was being described in the literature as “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” (CFS) and started reading everything I could on the subject. I read Martin Pall’s work about free radicals, Garth Nicolson’s work about mycoplasma infections, Andrew Cutler’s work on heavy metal toxicity, and Michael Goldberg’s work on Neurological Immune Endocrine Dysfunction and how autism, ADHD, CFS, and Alzheimer’s were all connected. To be honest, there are probably at least 100 theories about this condition and I joined every Yahoo group addressing one or more of these. I eventually went to Kyushu University Hospital to talk with their CFS expert. (While the literal translation for CFS is 慢性疲労症候群 [manseihiroushoukougun] , they actually call it 自律神経失調症” [jiritushinkeishcchoushou] or “autonomic nervous system disorder.”) He did some tests on me for a number of viral infections, toxoplasmosis, and (at my request) mycoplasama and told me basically that there was pretty nothing he could do for me and that my situation would worsen until I was pretty much just bedridden all the time.


Kyushu University Hospital

He wanted to give me anti-depressants/anti-anxiety medication and I had him prescribe me antibiotics instead, as I had been by that point reading Dr. Garth Nicolson’s theories on mycoplasma infections and believed that that might have been the major cause of my problems — though I later came to a different conclusion — as I was later to learn that the same symptoms described a disease identified by the Russians in the early 70s as “Microwave Sickness.”.


Another interesting fact I discovered was that people in the USA started experiencing these same symptoms in 1984, the same year the first commercial cellphone network was set up across the country. CFS was initially dubbed by the media as Yuppie Flu. Well, if you think about it, yuppies were indeed the first people to start using computers and cellphones. In fact, the first Apple Macintosh made its debut the same year, along with commercial usage of the first MMR machines.


It’s the Electropollution, Stupid

I eventually had to stop working I was so sick. I was frantically searching for the cause and a cure reading whatever I could find on the web. I was following the blog of a guy in Europe who was suffering from both CFS and Crohn’s Disease and who had lots of interesting scientific theories about what was causing his problem when one day he wrote (to paraphrase him):

“It is the electropollution. I went to my parents’ house in the French countryside and all my symptoms disappeared. I went back and measured the EMFs in my Amsterdam apartment and the EMFs were through the roof.”

That really made me start thinking. I did feel better at night when people were not using their cell phones (in spite of the fact that I could not sleep without sleeping pills at the time). I also felt better out in the country away from all the cell towers in the city — though it was not 100%. I was also able to correlate my anxiety attacks with peak cell-phone usage times in Japan as I had a technician (really a PR man) from Nippon Telephone and Telegraph (NTT) come to my apartment and do measurements. The technician looked sicker than I was and was sweating like a pig. However, he did reveal to me the peak usage times which I was able to correlate with times I would experience extreme feelings of un-wellness.

Dr. Yayama

Before moving into this log house and while we were still living in the Kyushu University’s staff housing, my wife was calling around Japan trying to find a doctor who did chelation therapy. She had called a doctor in Tokyo who said that we should just go and see a Dr. Yayama in the city of Yamato, Saga Prefecture, as he was the best alternative doctor around. When we finally went to see him, I read the following in his pamphlet: That modern diseases were caused by the following: 1. Heavy Metal Toxicity, 2. Electromagnetic Pollution & Geopathic Stress, 3. Pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites), 4. Chemical Toxicity, and 5. the Body’s Internal State (e.g. including psychological stress):


Dr. Yayama’s Theory of Chronic Disease

and then noticed all the cell towers along the road on the drive back to Fukuoka.


Cell Towers in Japan

A Log House in the Saga Mountains

When we started to realize that we were being bombarded by wireless exposures and that this might be behind our decline in health, we quickly started searching for and found a log house in a white zone — an area devoid of wireless signals — in the mountains of Saga Prefecture, (about 30 minutes outside of Fukuoka). We called the owners and asked if we could rent it out for just about three days. They told us that there was no cell phone signal there: Exactly what we wanted. After like the first 24 hours, I experienced a disappearance in I would say 50% of my symptoms. I then knew that this was it. I ended up staying in that log house for four months and I would say recovered during that time about 85-90% of my previous health.


Our Log House for four months in the Saga Mountains

Miraculously, also, Dr. Toshihiko Yayama’s Clinic, was conveniently located about 20 to 30 minutes away from this log house.

Screenshot 2017-04-06 00.01.20

Not too far away from the Yayama Clinic

And via multiple chelation treatment modalities (homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, and IV EDTA, etc.) of chelating the metals out of my body, having all the metal removed from my mouth, and by taking lots of antioxidants, Transfer Factor, and doing Qigong, I was able to recover much of my health and became much better able “tolerate” the EMFs.


Dr. Yayama


However, at the time, whenever I would get into range of a cell phone tower or around people with cell phones, many of these symptoms would start to come back. I could feel an intense pressure in my head, I felt nauseous, I would feel pain in the lymph nodes under my right arm and in my right testicle and groin area. Fortunately, gradually, over the years, these symptoms have diminished with many of them disappearing — though, at the time, it pretty much freaked me out.

The Zero Search Machine

Dr. Yayama, probably the most famous alternative medical doctor in Japan, is quite the amazing person. I would say he is a great genius. He invented a diagnostic tool he calls “Zero Search” which he connects with a German Rayometer to check frequencies, as they have found that everything has its own signature frequency.


The Zero Search Device (right) with the Rayometer (left)

Hence, when I initially went to see him, he was able to pretty much tell me in less than 10 minutes that I had 1. systemic candida, 2. mycoplasma, 3. toxoplasmosis, 4. Epstein Barr Virus, 5. Cytomegalovirus, 6. mercury toxicity, 7. aluminum toxicity, and 8. lead toxicity. Unbeknownst to him at the time, the mycoplasma, Epstein Barr, and Cytomegalovirus had been confirmed by blood tests earlier at Kyushu University Hospital.

My wife (who is Japanese), at the time, wrote to all the Japanese media outlets to get some coverage for our newly discovered problem that those seemingly innocuous waves of wireless radiation were damaging to our health. She received zero replies; they seeming — for (what are now for me) obvious reasons — did not want to touch our story.

EMF Refugee & “Denjiha Nanmin” (電磁波難民)

After four months of living in this log house, we started running out of our savings. I was probably feeling from between 85-90% better but would still start to feel sick when exposed to EMFs. We moved back into our apartment and bought a canopy to sleep under and shielded the windows with special material to block out the EMFs. In early 2006, I started a Japanese Yahoo group in Japanese called “Denjiha Nanmin” (電磁波難民) and its equivalent Yahoo group in English called “EMF Refugee.” (We now have almost 1000 members.) I started having people contact me from all over Japan who were having the same problems. We had a meeting at my apartment in Fukuoka. People flew from all over Japan.

Ad Hoc Publications

Around about the same time, I also wrote several papers that were published ad hoc on the Internet: One was called, “Do You Have Microwave Sickness?” (originally published in Feb. 2006) where I wrote, for example

“19. Exposure to microwave radiation has also been shown to effect an abnormal increase in nitric oxide (NO). One theory holds that an abnormal increase in cellular calcium will also lead to an abnormal increase in cellular NO, which in excess produces a damage-producing free radical or oxidant called peroxynitrite.”

 and the other one “Are Microwaves a Major Causal Factor in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)? (originally published in July 2006). These got quite a bit of fanfare given the fact that I was an associate professor at one of Japan’s top universities. Next-up (France) took up the story and there was an article published in the Belgium newspaper LeLibre entitled Les micro-ondes liées à la fatigue chronique?” or “Are Microwaves Related to Chronic Fatigue?” The Townsend Letter Group even published an article about me in their newsletter in 2009 entitled “Microwaves Role Examined.”

Looking for a Place to Live: Kunming, China

At any rate, after going back and forth with a Japanese president of an IT firm who himself developed ES about starting an eco-village for ES people, I eventually decided that the levels of EMF were just too high for me in Japan. I decided to search for another place to live and took a trip around Southeast Asia — Thailand, Myanmar, India, Southwest China, and Laos — looking for a suitable place to live. Upon traveling to Thailand, I realized that I felt better there EMF-wise than in Japan, and then felt better China than I did in Thailand. I attributed it to the fact that at the time, Japan (if my memory serves me right) was moving into 3G, Thailand was still working on 2G, and China had stricter regulations regarding ambient levels of EMF. I eventually severed my ties with Kyushu University and ended up in the city of Kunming, Yunnan Province in 2006.


The city of Kunming

It was a fascinating place to live and I started studying Mandarin, worked at a language school and eventually secured a teaching position at Yunnan Normal University, where I worked for a year. 

IMGP0261 (1)

My students at Robert’s School of Languages in Kunming

After living there alone for six months, my wife and son joined me.


Having breakfast at Salvador’s Coffee Shop in Kunming

We had a very interesting time living in Kunming together for a year. Our weekends and breaks were often spent taking trips to other parts of Yunnan Province. Interestingly, a person named Peter Monaghan had contacted me in response to an ad I put on GoKunming (the local community website) selling some stuff who said that his mother was a Doyon and that he was coming to Kunming to teach English at one of its universities. It ended up that his mother was my father’s cousin, had grown up in the same town as my father in Quebec (St. Benoit), and that Peter was my second cousin. Small world, eh! We often spent our weekends together either taking trips around the city or to other cities in the vicinity.



However, after a year of living in Kunming together, we decided to leave and go live in the intentional community of Auroville, India, which was very progressive with alternative forms of medicine, agriculture, building, education, health, and electromagnetic policy (i.e. there was a rule in place that no cell towers could be built within the city’s limits of 20 square kilometers). They do not use pesticides or chemicals on their land, food is organic vegetarian, medicine is mainly Ayurvedic, Chinese, Naturopathic, and Homeopathic, and buildings are Building Biology standard: i.e. a very healthy place to live.


Auroville, India

But before doing that we had a nice trip together through Thailand, which I love except for all the chemicals there to which my body reacts. Ah!


On the island of Koh Chang, Thailand


In our Auroville House

Back to Thailand: ITM

Auroville was wonderful, but at the time, we did not have the funds to sustain ourselves in this sustainable community. I needed to go to China to do training with the British Council to become qualified as an IELTS examiner and got stuck in Chiang Mai, Thailand because China would not give me a visa. I ended up doing a Thai Massage Workshop at a school called ITM in Chiang Mai.


ITM Massage Course, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mae Fah Luang University: Chiang Rai

Later I got a job teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at Mae Fah Luang in Chiang Rai, Thailand, about two hours northeast of Chiang Mai.


Breakfast at the Doi Chang Cafe in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Allergies Gone Crazy

After living in Thailand for awhile, I started to gradually experience a worsening condition of skin allergies: I think it was a combination of dust, pollen, mold, smoke (from the burning of the fields), pesticides, formaldehyde, and food chemicals. My skin was extremely itchy, red, and irritated. I needed to take sleeping pills to sleep and when I woke up my sheets would be covered with blood from the unconscious scratching that had occurred while I was sleeping. 


Not feeling so well.

Escape to Chiang Mai

I had to eventually leave my teaching position and seek help in Chiang Mai. After a month of seeking treatment from all the alternative health practitioners (acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, and so on) and not getting better, we decided to return to Japan.

Back to Japan: Dr. Sei Takahashi: An Amazing Acupuncturist

However, after a month of daily acupuncture treatments with an amazing acupuncturist,and medical qigong practitioner, Dr. Takahashi Sei, at his clinic Ishindo, not to mention daily far infrared saunas, and the drinking of lots of alkaline water, I was thankfully pretty much back to normal.


Utsunomiya University

Within a month, I had applied for teaching positions at a number of Japanese universities and had several interviews lined up. I applied at Utsunomiya University and received a phone call from the director immediately after arriving home that day. She was impressed by my qualifications and wanted to hire me. I accepted and moved to the city of Utsunomiya in March of 2010.




Things were going well: I liked my job, I liked my colleagues, I was making friends, and enjoying discovering a new area. I was also working in Tokyo about twice a month on the weekends as an IELTS examiner and starting to save money and get back into the swing of things in Japan. Also, by that time, my EMF sensitivity had increasingly diminished compared to years earlier and I was able to handle a lot more than a few years earlier when I had decided to leave Japan. However, then Fukushima happened in March of 2011 and we were approximately 100 miles away — too close for comfort. Hence, we decided it would not be a good idea to stay there and we left.


A major earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011, setting off probably the world’s worst nuclear accident. We were living approximately 100 miles away at the time. We quickly evacuated to my wife’s parents’s home in the city of Tajimi, about 350 miles southwest of Fukushima. I called the people at the university and asked for a leave-of-absence. They refused and I sent in my letter of resignation. In Tajimi, we were trying to figure out what to do. I emailed a colleague and told her she could come and stay with us. She was at that time in Seoul, South Korea waiting for a flight to France. My wife wanted to stay in Japan with her parents. Hence, I decided to go to Europe with my son as a number of people in the movement had invited us to come and stay.

Escape to Europe

My son and I were soon on our way to Europe with our first stop being France. Serge Sargentini of environmental group Next-up sponsored our stay for three weeks at a retreat called Charousse in the French foothills near the city of Crest.

Charousse, Drome Vally, Southern France

Arrival at the Valence Train Station

With Serge Sargentini in the Drome Valley

From France we went to Sweden and met a good number of the Swedish EMF refugees.

Lake in Northern Sweden

And from Sweden we traveled to Ireland and stayed with the British Naturopath and Homeopath, Dr. Simon Rees, and his partner at the time, Clover Kreger.

Clover, Simon, and Joshua in Ireland

Back to Japan

After traveling around and staying with contacts in Europe for a while, we decided to go back to Japan. The nuclear hysteria about Japan had calmed down (though probably not the danger) a bit, I was having allergies to something in Ireland, and we needed to move on. I looked for and applied to around 50 university positions being advertised in Japan outside of the areas of Tokyo and Northeastern Japan — and my applications ended up all being rejected at every place I applied. So I decided to look for positions outside of Japan. I had offers from China, Turkey, and Chile. I decided on Chile for a number of reasons. I had lived and worked in Asia for 24 years. China had its own problems, and the pay in Turkey was low. So I accepted a position at the Universidad Catolica del Norte in a town in Northern Chile named Antofagasta.

Theater at Meiji Mura, Japan


A Year Plus in Chile

I arrived in Chile in December of 2011 and stayed until March of 2013. I traveled around a bit before starting work in March, 2012. The country was lovely and I enjoyed the people. I really enjoyed my students there though I found some of the politics where I worked to be quite Machiavellian, which I also experienced in China and Thailand. They had told me I would be offered a tenured position after a trial year and that promise was rescinded as if it had never been made. So I decided to leave because of that plus the fact that the university had installed a new and more high-powered Wi-Fi system, which was seemingly causing me to experience the symptoms I had experienced when I first got sick in Japan.

San Pedro de Atacama

(Pachamama By Bus)

A Return to the USA after 25 Years Abroad

So… after having not lived in the USA for 25 years, I decided to return. I left Antofagasta and did a bit of traveling around Chile and then returned to the USA for a short visit before heading off to Japan to visit my wife and son (who never did make it Chile, though that was in the plans). I then went to Australia via Bali to sell a property I had purchased their ten years earlier. After that, I stopped in Thailand to do a refresher Thai massage course at ITM and ended up getting dengue fever towards the end of my trip and had to postpone my trip home to the USA by a few days. My bout of dengue was mild — I believe because I had taken a dengue homeopathic prophylactic before leaving Australia.

I ended up purchasing a townhouse in the city of Santa Cruz, CA, which I remodeled using all natural materials and had painted with Y-shield paint to block out the radiofrequency (RF) EMFs.

The International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology: Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS)

At some point on my journey, I had started to hear about Bau (or Building) Biology, and in 2010, while I was back in Japan, I had signed up and started receiving their newsletters. I had also seen and heard a presentation given by Larry Gust and was most impressed with his knowledge of the EMF subject. Hence, I inquired about doing one of their courses for certification and the director of the program, Michael Conn, responded that they were seriously considering starting an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) certification. So in January of 2014, not long after returning to the USA, I started their preliminary online course to become certified as a Building Biology Practitioner (BBP), which is the basic Building Biology course and certification. And after completion of the BBP, in 2015, I started their EMRS course, which I completed in December of 2016.

Building Biology EMRS Certification

EMRS Students for the IBE 312 Course: Advanced Electromagnetics

So now I am qualified to go into a building and check for a number of forms of EMFs — 1. radiofrequency (from Wi-Fi, cell phones, cordless phones, radar, etc.) 2. extremely low-frequency magnetic fields (wiring errors), 3. extremely low-frequency electric fields (electricity), 4. dirty electricity (high-frequency transients on the electric wires), and 5. body voltage — and then make recommendations, and possibly remediation. So far my clients have been 1. people looking to purchase or rent properties, 2. people looking to reduce their EMF exposures in their present places of residence or work, and 3. people deciding whether or not they might have to move out of their homes or offices.

Out of Sight and Out of Mind

When something is out of sight, it is also out of mind — and microwaves from cellphones, cellphone towers, and other wireless-radiation emitting devices are invisible, tasteless, odorless, and cannot be sensed with touch. Naturally, it has been difficult for many — even most doctors — to fathom them as being a culprit in the disease process. However, increasingly, people worldwide are starting to wake up to the fact of what is indeed the cause of their previously mysterious symptoms. An increasing number of these people become noticeably ill when exposed to this invisible source of pollution and they are starting to connect the dots. Also, it is becoming known that people with an inordinate amount of metal toxicity seem to be particularly sensitive. When people realize the problem, and come together to find solutions, progress can be made.

Connecting the Dots

After having had this experience, and in line with the growing quantities of ambient electromagnetic pollution in our environments, I began to suspect that the large number of people around me becoming sick with some kind of illness may also have been unwittingly affected by this health-damaging ambient electromagnetic radiation. Just as cellphones were starting to become popular, I remember a student of mine’s three-year-old daughter dying of influenza. This was the first time I had ever heard of a little girl dying of influenza, though apparently it is increasing more common and one has to seriously consider the fact that all this electromagnetic radiation we are being exposed to 24/7 might in fact be weakening our immune systems. It seems that when people catch colds nowadays that it takes them longer to recover — whereas instead of the normal 3-4 days we are now seeing people sick for up to two weeks or longer. We are being fed with the idea that the bugs are becoming stronger and not rather that our immune systems might be becoming weaker. EMFs also affect our autonomic systems. In Japan, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is actually called “Autonomic Nervous System Disorder.” When I first went to Japan in the late 80’s you would never hear of people dying of heat stroke. Now, every summer, it is a regular event — and people of all ages are being affected. One of the things I noticed living in the white zone up in the mountains of Saga Prefecture was that I actually felt colder when I went to the electropolluted city of Fukuoka, where it was actually warmer, than I did up in the mountains in the white zone, where it was actually colder. I believe the EMFs were affecting my body’s ability to adjust its temperature. This was in fact written about in the 1965 publication by W. Bergman entitled “The Effect of Microwaves on the Central Nervous System.”

“The Autonomic system is affected by microwaves of the centimeter wave length band. These waves affect circulation, respiration, temperature control, water balance, albumin and sugar concentration in the cerebro-spinal fluid, hydrogen ion concentration, EEG, GSR, sleep, conscious awareness, etc.” 

(The Effect of Microwaves on the Central Nervous System)

Since that time, I had the unfortunate fate to have known a number of people who have committed suicide, developed or died of cancer, had their children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ADS) or ADHD, developed brain tumors, been diagnosed with intestinal disorders (Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis), developed vision problems, strokes, and/or been diagnosed with epilepsy. I have also known women who have had miscarriages due to deformity of the fetus. This has become the norm — but it is not normal. And then there is the above-mentioned heatstroke, something I had rarely heard of when I first went there in 1988. When one looks at the research on how EMFs negatively affect the immune system, the endocrine system, the autonomic nervous system, alter the brain’s neurotransmitters, open up the blood-brain-barrier, damage DNA, and create a deluge of free radicals in the body, one can view the causal factors of many of these disease states in a new light.

Public Brainwashed by the Wireless Industry

The Wireless Industry has had the money to lobby politicians to get the laws they want passed, to fund the researchers to get the research results they want, and to promote their desired narrative through their media arms. However, in the past five-or-six-or-seven-or-so years, I have started to notice not only a shift in how the media is starting to change the way it covers this problem, but also in the public’s acceptance and acknowledgement that this may in fact be a serious problem, whereas before the media was pumping out — and the public regurgitating — a narrative in which anyone questioning the health and environmental effects of wireless radiation was nothing but a tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy-theorist Luddite. There is now an increasing acknowledgement that this wireless might indeed be an actual serious health and environmental pollutant; that it might in fact even be behind unexplained increases in a plethora of health and environmental problems — autism, ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, not to mention the skyrocketing rates of cancer, plus the disappearance of insects, frogs, other amphibians, and birds —and that we might have to seriously do something about it.

The Simple Truth: It’s Time to Fight Back

Dr. Robert O. Becker’s statement 30 years ago in his book The Body Electric, may very well be accepted as the truth by the majority of people alive in my lifetime:

“The dangers of electropollution are real and well documented. It changes, often pathologically, every biological system. What we don’t know is exactly how serious these changes are, for how many people. The longer we as a society, put off a search for that knowledge, the greater the damage is likely to be and the harder it will be to correct.” p 304

The wireless industry is now trying to push 5G on us via its bought politicians. This means that they will be blanketing our cities and small towns with what are called small Distributed Antenna System s(DAS) antennas, approximately every three telephone polls pumping out extremely high levels of electromagnetic radiation at extremely high frequencies (6 GHz to 100 GHz) that have never been used before. While we are not sure exactly what kinds of new dis-eases these will cause, we are pretty positive that they will in fact being causing a lot of it (i.e. dis-ease).

 What to Do? How to Protect Ourselves?

The Radio-Protective Diet™

I have also over the years developed a protective diet that is high in alkalinity, high in antioxidants, high in protein, low in histamines, high in anti-inflammatories, low in inflammatories, and immune-boosting: I call it the “Radio-protective Diet™”.  Plus it includes certain supplements which not only replenish nutrients depleted by radio exposure but are also radio-protective in that it blocks the negative cellular effects of the electromagnetic radiation exposure.

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